Lovingly designed & handmade in Edinburgh


A new addition to the family

We would like to announce the arrival of some cute kittens to the stripykat family.  They are slightly smaller than the kats but still smell wonderful and are fully house-trained. Hanging from a ribbon they can softly scent your wardrobe or room  with lavender.  Each with a colourful button attached to their collar you won’t […]

Moving forward

The madness of the West End Fair is finally over and all the stripykat stock is unpacked and it’s now production time again. I’ve really missed sewing and creating and I have some exciting ideas for new products to take us to Christmas. However, to get new stock made I seriously need more raw materials […]


The West End Fair

We’re 10 days into the fair and it’s going really well.  I love meeting other designers and artists and always manage to treat myself too. There’s such an amazing atmosphere in Edinburgh during the festival with lots of visitors coming to our beautiful city and we’ve even been entertained by musicians going by on double […]