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Highland Show

What a great time we had at the Royal Highland Show!  Fantastic weather, lots of lovely people and an ice-cream van parked just metres away – bonus! So now that’s done it’s the West End Fair to get ready for.  stripykat will be at the West End Fair for 2 weeks from the 11th August […]

It’s Show time!

Back in February when I applied to be part of the Royal Highland Show it felt like it was a long time ahead. I’d have plenty time to make new bags and accessories and I could even have time every now and again to relax and put my feet up. How wrong was I? I’ve […]

Me and Stephen Fry

The wonderful, world wide web is 25 years old, just a touch older than me (cough) It is more affordable and informative than ever with shopping, information, videos and music just a few clicks away. How many times have you said “what did we do before the internet?” There are more people accessing the internet […]