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Did someone say Spring?

Not wanting to wish my life away, but I really want spring to be sprung now! Let’s be honest it has got a little warmer, proof is that I have gone from 5 layers on a dog walk to just 3, but come on spring, don’t be shy and show yourself! I have had a […]

Inspire me

Inspiration is a funny thing. To me it’s exciting, invigorating and liberating, crikey I sound a bit hippy there. It’s a bit like when you walk passed a cake shop and you see all the tasty cream cakes, pastries and pretty colours just calling out your name….now I’ve made myself hungry; where was I? Yes […]

planet earth

Saving the planet – an order at a time

I am a bit of a hippy when it comes to trying to save the planet. I hate wasting anything and we recycle and compost at home, we’re not quite in the same league as Tom and Barbara from The Good Life, but I try and do my bit. At stripykat I draw all the product […]